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yoga therapist

My name is Krysto. I started practicing yoga in 1991, later trained as a yoga Teacher specialising in Gita Style Yoga and have taught continuously since.


Over the last 20 years  I have successfully completed several post graduate courses, and many of the skills,  knowledge and qualifications attained you will find in the private services of this website.


Over the past 20 years we have  taught in a variety of organisations  in Australia including:
yoga therapist

Hello, I’m Susie. I was first introduced to Yoga in 2002 by a very good friend who had overcome some challenges in her life by practicing yoga – I was inspired!  


I first started my journey learning metaphysical philosophy and the  ancient yogic wisdom’s, which eventually evolved into the practice of yoga and becoming a qualified Gita Style Yoga Teacher.


From the High Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, in 1954 these ancient wisdoms and teachings were brought to Australia by a woman named Margrit  Segesman  (1905 -1998).


A well respected teacher and a  pioneer of yoga in Australia. Margrit is often called the Mother of yoga in Australia.  Margrit established Melbourne's first school of yoga  and named it Gita School of Yoga. Magarit's story is quite remarkable and is best known for her introducing yoga to Australia.

Yoga Centers & Fitness Centers
Physiotherapy Centers
Private Education System 
Victorian State Library
St. Vincent's Hospital 
Turning Point (drug & alcohol center)
Banking and Finance Organizations
Health & Yoga Council of Australia
Australian Customs
Australian Federal Police
Australian Taxation Office
Victorian Correctional Services
National Yoga At The Parks Summer Program 
Department of Employment Education & Training Services Victorian Government
Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
Local Community Centers
Countless Private & Public Classes

22 years


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