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What is yoga and how can I really make it work for me?

This course will get you on your way to really understand the how and why so you can really understand what yoga is and you can really make it something that works for you


This beginner’s course is open to everyone and to all levels. It could be your opportunity to start with the very basics or to really deepen your awareness of yoga and its philosophies.

What To Expect
Discover the deeper understanding of yoga and how it can really work for you from a philosophical and physical practice. This is an opportunity to discuss, workshop or improve your yoga or if you are new to yoga, deepen your understanding and appreciation as you rediscover simple things, such as yourself and the deeper connection you can have.

We will practice some yoga relaxation where we will be getting in touch with the deeper subconscious part of our self processing “stuff” that maybe we have just repressed or have not had the time to deal with.​

Relaxation is a powerful tool to help us discover ourselves and release the parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there. There will be formal and informal discussions about yoga philosophy, your own personal self development, the emotional body and our physical yoga practice and how we can unite all these aspects into our lives and ourselves.

​To participate in a beginners get in touch and lets have a chat so a personalised course can be made specially for you and your needs.

We will together work out a time that works at your convenience.

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