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GROUP YOGA Saturday 10AM

Single Yoga Class  $35.

Pack of 5  Yoga Classes  $125.

Bookings Essential

Saturday  10 AM 

It has been a long week, and a lot has happened. We see and hear and take on board many influences from the radio, on the television, in the newspapers, on the side of the bus,  and all the stuff  from work and friends and family!

We take on board many of the emotions, which life can inflict on us. This healing class will help to heal the hidden wounds which the week has inflicted.  The focus is on reconnection with self  and what is important in your life.

The Saturday morning class is designed to give you  the time To Observe yourself ,  identify where you are going what you are doing and find the time to realign self.  It's up to ourselves to make the time yo  connect with who we really are.


 You will be surprised what your body can actually do when you let go of the mind. This class can sometimes be a gentle class,  and sometimes it may be a challenging class, and sometimes it can be anywhere in between!!  

This a general class, everyone is welcome. 

There is no judgement or expectation amongst anyone. The studio is a very relaxed and welcoming safe space. 

Please email or call to check suitability for this class. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL 

Teacher :  Krysto

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