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Progressive Yoga Relaxation 

P.Y.R. is an acronym for Progressive Yoga Relaxation. 


PYR is an opportunity to explore the emotional atmosphere that you operate in. It  is a time to create the space for us to see what is happening on the inside.

Through a guided relaxation, you will be moving sequentially from the outer, large muscles of the body, inwards to the fine muscles controlling our inner, subconscious responses to stress.  Through this physical unwinding it will slowly lead to deeper mental and emotional levels where much fatigue originates.  It is a progressive experience with in an hour session, and progressive in that you go deeper and deeper with regular practice, and required regular practice to obtain the full benefits.

PYR provides a means for a person to clear out old ideas, feelings, emotions and conditionings and to learn the tools of how to reprogram the subconscious mind if so desired.

PYR can sometimes precipitate uncomfortable feelings and realisations as feelings and thoughts and experiences are brought to the surface and into a space for healing and finally letting go of experiences that may have caused tension stress and trauma which impacts the body and mind.

By learning to completely relax the whole body, we are able to access the deeper reaches of the subconscious mind, to deal with the issues which are the deeper underlying cause of many of todays health issues, being emotional mental and physical.


PYR is an opportunity to look at and deal with the “hard stuff” in a safe and nurturing space.

You will find balance with yourself and with who you are, You will discover inner peace in yourself and a feeling of inner comfort

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