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Physical Health - Emotional Health
Mental Health  - Spiritual Health

What is yoga and yoga therapy is about?  Yoga therapy is about seeing yourself as you are “now” and working with what you have now, in this moment, to move forward and begin to change the person you are.

In life we sometimes have experiences which may have an impact on the way we operate in our day to day connections and interactions with ourselves, other people and with the world around us. 

These experiences good or bad can sometimes colour, block or simply just make us feel stuck.  It is important  for our energy to flow through the mind.

It is important for energy to flow through the body.  It is even more important to allow the two to interact and work together to help create the new person whom we need to be.

The different facets of Yoga which are in the NDIS service menu on this website will help release what is within and to allow you to see, understand, and reach your full potential in  life.

NDIS Participants

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the way that the Australian Government is providing support to hundreds of thousands of Australians with all kinds of disabilities including, their families and carers.

The NDIS Yoga Therapist/clinical  services are available nationally.

You could be a city dweller or in residing in regional Australia. Yoga therapist clinic has the  capacity to deliver the services offered to you remotely, or a mobile service at your home, and in the clinic which is located in Collingwood Victoria.

For more information about the NDIS visit this link

NON - NDIS Participants

If you are not eligible to receive NDIS supports, you are more than welcome to partake in any of the  services at Yoga Therapy Clinic are open to everyone.

Yoga Therapist/clinical  services are available nationally.

Yoga therapist clinic has the  capacity to deliver the services offered to you remotely, or a mobile service at your home, and in the clinic which is located in Collingwood Victoria.

The Services may be in some cases depending upon your own private insurance may have some rebates for you.


With regular yoga, you do the work yourself. Some people find it hard to know the proper way to move and stretch the body to focus on for optimum positive impact.


Without having the accountability of a regular yoga routine, many people will practice yoga and stretch minimally or not at all.

With assisted yoga and stretching, the work is done for you.  


Working one-on-one with an experienced yoga therapist who has knowledge of anatomy, physiology and stretching techniques, and yoga, will take you through a thorough routine of stretching  and yoga postures which are personalised for your particular needs.  


During some stretches, you will be encouraged to completely relax your limbs to get the most out of the stretch. For other stretches you may be asked to engage and work the muscles. If you’re not good at stretching on your own, yoga therapy sessions can help keep you accountable to improving your body through stretching and your mind through yoga..

The treatment is personalised for each particular client and can be focused on particular parts of the body depending on the client’s needs and goals.

Some of the Physical benefits of Yoga Therapy include:
  •  Easing pain associated with tightness and tension

  •  Improving range of motion, flexibility, mobility and strength

  • Improving posture, physical appearance and self esteem

  • Counteract the effects of aging

  • Increasing overall fitness and athletic performance

  • Reducing the risk of injury

  • Encouraging relaxation and relieving stress

  • Increasing circulation and blood flow to the muscles, surrounding tissues and joints

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