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Yoga Therapist Privacy Policy

Confidential, Respectful, Professional.


One of the primary building blocks of a Yoga Therapist  relationship is the client's belief in the confidentiality of the information that is shared amongst each other. Without this level of trust, it is virtually impossible to build trust into any relationship. As clients use trust as the basis for the in-depth emotional sharing that is present in a successful relationship. I will preserve the client's right to confidentiality and privacy and will not release any identifying information verbally or in writing without the client's signed permission.


Yoga Therapist does not and will not share any personal or private information with any other business or individual. Yoga Therapist deals with many people who demand a private life. I understand and value your privacy, as much as I value my own. Yoga Therapist follows international privacy standards and understands the importance of maintaining privacy, clients personal information and personal life. Client privacy is of the utmost important and maintaining the trust and confidence of future present and past clients is a top priority.

Information obtained during the program will be held under the strictest levels of confidentiality.  Information obtained during discussions will be confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the session without your written consent, unless required by law.  Confidentiality, security, and privacy, and complies with any applicable laws and agreements. 

Additional information:  By law there are a few exceptions to enforcement of this right: When the practitioner has reason to believe you may be harmful to yourself or others. When the practitioner suspects that a child is being abused or neglected. When the practitioner receives a signed order or subpoena signed by a municipal judge ordering the release of information regarding your experience. In the event any of the three foregoing situations should occur, the practitioner will be legally compelled to take appropriate action.

Confidentiality on-line: It is never possible to guarantee 100% protection of confidentiality of either email transmissions or phone calls. Yoga Therapist  will do everything possible to protect against any intrusions, and recommends the use of a personally owned computer to protect you. In addition, the use of cordless or Mobile phones make it possible for others with a scanner to hear our conversations. To summarize, there is a small risk to your confidentiality via phone/email contact, but the risk is minimized assuming common sense is practised.

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