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The term, Raja is derived from the Sanskrit. Raja Yoga" means the "Royal Yoga," the "King of the Yogas," the "Highest Yoga," the "Regal way of controlling one's mind body and thoughts  (conscious and subconscious awareness )  

Through  the practice of: meditation,  yoga asanas,  pranayama,  relaxation, and the understanding of ancient philosophy,  you will  embark upon a new journey of self discovery and self awareness.

Gita Style/Raja Yoga will give you purpose and connection with yourself..

From the High Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, in 1940's these ancient wisdoms and teachings were brought to Australia by a woman named Margrit  Segesman  (1905 -1998).


A well respected teacher and a  pioneer of yoga in Australia. Margrit is often called the Mother of yoga in Australia.  In 1954 Margrit established Melbourne's first school of yoga  and named it Gita School of Yoga. Magarit's story is quite remarkable and is best known for her introducing yoga to Australia  and progressive yoga relaxation.  

Gita School of Yoga was handed over by Margrit to two amazing woman named Lucille Wood and Di Lucas in 1983,  and in 1986  they established the Khuti foundation, and watched Gita grow into an international organisation,  knowns as / Gita International/ Gita World, which  is still operational today, and is still continuing to train and  teach upcoming yoga teachers to this day.


Gita Yoga  is the longest running yoga institution in Australia almost reaching 70 years of yoga. Gita continues to be part of  the ever-expanding yoga industry in Australia. In 1999 a group of Gita graduates created the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia (YTAA) now known as Yoga Australia.   Where all yoga teacher training courses are registered.

First attended Gita in 1992, studying, practicing yoga , and we are still continuously learning and growing and participating.  

Since 2001 after graduating as a Gita Style Yoga Teacher  the journey of becoming a  Teacher trainer, and mentoring undergraduate teachers at Gita took place, and still work with Teaching undergraduates today. 

These years of dedicated practice has given us the right to teach by reason through our disciplined growth.   We have learnt to walk a straight path in a very crooked tangled world and to inspire others is our goal. Our unique free thinking minds will continue to search for truth in all things and be able to articulate it to others in all the ways which will have impact.  

As conscious beings,  we will continue to question, consider, and synthesise ancient truths into contemporary action. We are always learning and growing as Teachers, and we look forward to teaching knowing our journey will create light upon the path for others.

If you are interested in a Teacher Training Diploma,  please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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