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I come from a family with Ischemic heart disease.  It's the term given to heart problems caused by narrowed arteries. When arteries are narrowed, less blood and oxygen reaches the heart muscle.

This is also called coronary artery disease and coronary heart disease. This can ultimately lead to heart attack.

My whole family has had heart attacks and bypasses, my father died on his 50th birthday and all my family has had heart procedures.  I was the last one in the family to have an attack, in 2019 it was my turn, I had a heart attack.

What worked for me was all the years I practiced yoga.  Post surgery, yoga therapy is helped me. I was told it would take a few months after my procedure before I could heal, Instead of participating in the post heart operation programs I practiced my yoga routine, I was back to normal and teaching yoga classes the following week.  (my true story)

There is no cure for heart disease, however, if you have heart disease yoga as part of your  treatments will reduce your risk of future heart problems, and relieve or manage symptoms

There are  forms of heart disease that can be prevented or treated with healthy lifestyle choices. Yoga practice is the best way to keep the heart healthy. Yoga asanas prepares the entire physical functioning of the body, while pranayama improves the physiology of the body.

The program also includes a focused beginners yoga course, exploring the body and the heart, working with  pranayama, (breathing) exercises to strengthen the heart and working with Yoga Nidra (relaxation)

Having a healthy heart is about reducing stresses and pressure in life, this program is the best place to start.

yoga and coronary heart disease


This is a private program this is run over 5 private sessions ,

We will  together work out a time that works best for you and at your convenience.

This program is run by Krysto.


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