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Tuesdays Chair yoga at 6pm

This class is guided for a more mature aged group that enjoys a variety of general exercises. The class varies weekly, it can be gentle, therapeutic,, slow moving with gentle Gita Style yoga and chair yoga.

It is a nice way to meet people and have the opportunity to move your body with guidance and support.


 Students are generally surprised as to what their body allows them to do. General stretching is important for everyone all ages. As we get older we recognise the importance of moving the body and eliminating injuries and aches and pains.  Creating space and movement in our body allows us to feel active, young and feel a sense of achievement.

Being in the middle of the week, it is a good time slot to let go of the week that was replenish and restore the body and mind to look forward towards the rest of the week ahead.

This is a general class, everyone is welcome.

Teacher : Susie
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