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tuesday yoga

Tuesday Afternoon 1 PM

Time for intermission, it is the middle of the day::
Tuesday afternoons can be a luxury if you have the time.  Make Tuesday afternoon be a time for YOU.

This class was established during covid and will remain as part of the timetable which pleases me. The class is an  interactive online zoom class.  


There is a wonderful open discussion that sometimes takes place, it is the friendliest open hearted welcoming class and is a space open for EVERYONE and everybody is welcome.

A classic Gita Style yoga class is practiced in this hour. If you have never practiced Gita Style before I highly recommend that you do,  or at least try,  You will be pleasantly surprised!

There is no judgement or expectation amongst anyone., It is a very relaxed and welcoming safe space. 

The classes have a variety of ages.

Tuesdays lunchtime 1pm class is a general class, everyone is welcome.
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