Cancer & Yoga


Yoga is the best alternative for mind–body therapy that may help people manage cancer symptoms or adverse effects of treatments and improve your quality of life.

A physically challenging class is not appropriate for patients with cancer coping with health challenges. The gentle Gita Style Program practiced here at the yoga clinic will adapt the tools of yoga such as breath, gentle movement and  meditation,  to meet the needs, goals, and abilities that you are able to meet  and we  customise and create a program that supports you.  A  program just for you.

Practicing yoga regularly can support change in the way the mind and body functions: there is so much to read today on the internet about cancer and yoga and the multitude of reasons to start, but here is a personal story.

My Mother was told she only had 3 months to live and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, it was very emotional time for both my mother and the family.  Mum was a very strong woman physically and mentally, however when you are told you have cancer it changes everything.


My Mum never practiced yoga or any breathing, meditation before.  During this time I worked with mum with some very gentle yoga, focused soft stretching and guided breathing techniques and introduced meditation which helped her a great deal, her focus changed, she became a lot more positive and opened up and connected to herself and the family. Mum was a lot more calmer and accepting of her cancer.

I remember her oncologist saying you need to be strong willed,  which is what we worked with while practicing yoga  and it changed everything.   Mum did pass away, however it was the yoga that helped her enjoy a better quality of life with herself  and her family.

Many studies about yoga and cancer suggest yoga not only helps cancer patients and survivors manage symptoms and side effects, but also help them live a longer, healthier, more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Family members and carers of patients with cancer, who are often under a tremendous amount of stress, may also benefit from yoga and meditation, especially when it comes to overall well-being and depressed mood.

Coming along together to the sessions would be beneficial for both participants.

We offer a 5 week  program this is run over 5 private sessions , where we will explore and work with various techniques for you to practice at home and for the rest of your life.

The program also includes a very gentle simple yoga program,  it is good for  anyone who has not practiced yoga before, the program is specifically structured and tailor made to address your body and what you can and cannot do

Some do like to keep up a weekly or fortnightly session as part of their routine, this is also a very good option , if you wanted to incorporate this yoga therapy as part of your mental and emotional healing, This is the better option as the aim is to reduce any further degeneration and main a positive quality of life.

All private classes are followed with a deep individual personal relaxation.



This is a private program this is run over 5 private session blocks.

Lets work out a time and day that works for you.