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Conception, Pre Natal, Post-Natal & Early Parenting

prenatal yoga

Ideally parenting starts with a loving relationship with yourself, this will ensure enjoyment and fulfilment of the whole process of becoming a parent.

From pre conception to maturity of the soul whom you wish to bring into your life.  Here at the yoga therapy clinic we have successfully completed two post graduate courses at Gita International,

 Inspired Parenting & Magical Childhood courses, which focuses on preconception, pregnancy, post natal and childhood from conception to the age of Seven.  


These times are the most important and   fundamental times in a baby's life - we will  address brain development, physical health, of both mother and baby , exploring the emotional, intellectual, social interaction, the nurturing and development of yourself and your child.

Since 1998 graduating from this course it took a few years to assimilate and practice with friends having families.

It was in  2002 when it was formally introduced into teaching this knowledge fused with prenatal and post natal yoga.


We have taught many mothers the roadmap to a better pregnancy and teach alternative ways for the mother to nurture the child so that it would have the best childhood possible.

In an Ideal world this program would be best to start when you are thinking of having a baby - pre conception, as we look at ways  for preparing yourself physically emotionally and mentally.  We look at commitment and you preparing your body as a vessel , but sometimes it is not always the case, and many women and partners look at prenatal yoga once pregnant, which is ok.  This program is for pre conception, prenatal, postnatal, and early parenting.

Sometimes women need help with conception, support in prenatal and support with post natal.  In our current world today, it can be challenging to find balance in our lives. Trying to manage life ,work, diet, regular exercise can be stressful and difficult.  Stress can impacts how we live our life and affects both our psyche and physical body, impacting our wellbeing.We can  help your physical  emotional and mental body, so that you are ready to create the best conditions for yourself and for the incoming soul. Preparing  yourself and your body, creating a new pathway to your new life can be challenging such as changing old lifestyle choices and routines. Making changes will allow for a greater chance of pregnancy and fulfilling the full term of pregnancy.

Once pregnant  the hormones are changing, the body is changing, it becomes challenging to do the things you are familiar with.  Yoga will allow you to balance your hormones, strengthen and tone your muscles, create space in your body for the baby and help you feel a sense of achievement and a better understanding of being a mother and your responsibilities with your self and your baby.  Starting a new life with a baby on its way certainly changes your life forever.

Pre natal yoga is not just about opening the body and relieving the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, it is an opportunity to learn some of the tools you need to know about becoming a mother, such as  connecting with the soul you are responsible for.  The womb is the babys first world and is the most significant time of development and growth that occurs from conception to birth. The most important factor in prenatal health is hormone balance.  Yoga is the key for this balance.

Post natal  is more than just getting back on the yoga matt to get your body back post natal can have many unforeseen emotions emerge.  Yoga can help with the multitude of problems that can arise after birth, such as loneliness, responsibility, finding normality again in your life, so much time can be spent on the baby and the family which is important , however it is important for the mother to reconnect with herself.  Sometimes coming back to yoga can be a few months, which is understandable, but part of this program is also about learning how to give your child  the best possible childhood once it has been born.

The clinic also offers the combination of yoga sessions  fused with ideas and methods for parents to learn alternative ways of how to transform loving energy into something tangible for your child.  We can share with you the tools  to enable you to give to your child the best magical childhood it should have. From the age of zero till four is the most vital time for the brain. If you are interested to further learn yogic principals, brain development  and consciousness in this new age  of parenting and teaching yourself  early stages of child care get in touch .

This Tertiary Level Diploma Status Course  was taught by Di Lucus, Principal of Gita International.

The program is combination of prenatal yoga OR post natal yoga movements and fused with education for you and your baby, whilst practicing the yoga program.

All private classes are followed with a deep individual personal relaxation.



This is a private program this is run over 5 private sessions , and is open to both parents to attend as one.

Lets work out a time and day that works for you.



Add $30  Each Way Travel Costs At Your Location

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