Saturday Training  1- 3 PM

Explore Yoga & Stretch. Two hour Workshop

Deepen Your Practice & Understanding of Yoga ::

In the Saturday afternoon workshops we will learn how to properly achieve and perfect the yoga postures, but more importantly we will discover and understand the meaning behind each posture, and how to  make yoga work for you.

Yoga is not just a physical practice,  It is a combination of 50% physical and 50% mental. In the workshops we explore everything and put into play. We explore the why!

The workshop also involves deep  stretching to open up the body and increase our flexibility.  there are sometimes a few Yoga Teacher Trainees  attending this class, so there can be a lot of questions which is great for deepening and understand yoga that bit further than what you would learn in most classes.


Absolutely everybody is welcome.

Teacher : Kryst0.